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SimpsonsHD Contest

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New Wide Screen format. Can you spot the new? Click “ad comment” to contribute to the list.

  1. Three eyed crow
  2. Jebediah sculpture head falls on Ralph Wiggum
  3. Three days without an accident
  4. Otto eats the glowstick
  5. Lisa re-emerges in music room
  6. Maggie is worth twice as much
  7. Maggie has a nemesis
  8. Mr. Sparkle and Tomacco at supermarket
  9. Barnie passed out in Groundskeeper Willie’s leaf pile
  10. Hans Moleman is under the street
  11. Marge got a new car and more passengers (Granpa Abe and Maggie)
  12. Marge hits Homer and pushes him into the house
  13. New flat panel tv

Digital collage comparing the two sequences.http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/ca/SimpsonsOpenComp2.png