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Ahh, Let’s Get Ill!

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I loves me some LizD and this makes me so proud! MaSh–it–Up!


Great band, great show, great working with Liz and The Progressive folks on this!

Full pdf of article here

Heads Up!

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Waiting for her bus on East Johnson Street, Tiame didn’t feel ready for the public.

This looks interesting:

Creative Forum for Interdisciplinary Exploration, Return to Function at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Opening reception on Friday, May 1, will feature two live performances will explore the use of objects that make music and other interesting sounds, as well as distinctive visual impressions during the Friday Opening reception.

Active Percussion Duo  ·  6 pm
The Active Percussion Duo entertains audiences with a percussive blend of improvisation, noise, def beats, clatter, freneticism, stilted banter, and fun. The duo employs found objects in their performances, including kitchen utensils, bicycle parts, hunks of jagged metal, and more. Members of the Active Percussion Duo are Michael Brenneis and Geoffrey Brady, both committed percussionists and local musicians.

LoVid  ·  7 pm
The New York–based performance duo LoVid creates works with live video installations, sculptures, digital prints, patchworks, media projects, performances, and video recordings. Artists Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus combine opposing elements, contrasting hard electronics to soft patchworks, handmade to machine-produced objects, and analog to digital media. This multidirectional approach is reflected in the content of their work, simultaneously romantic and aggressive, wireless and wire-full.

Yeah but

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