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No skateboarding Posts Yet?

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Let’s get this party started! Vintage Skate mockumentary from Quebec

Amazing Ryan Allen photo album here
Including this ripper

Finally this: from Arthur Mag

So hop and hustle I do, like I have since I was 13, to skate in relative peace until the cavalry rolls through. It’s embarrassing and laughable and scary.

What transcendent things might you learn on a skateboard? How could this knowledge be applied? Contemplate the following: a skateboarder develops advanced fear management by confronting physical dangers and repeatedly conquering the self-preservation mechanisms of the ego. Skating sharpens physical problem-solving skills: discovering different ways to perceive and navigate obscure geometric spaces, finding efficient lines and opportunities where a lesser adept might see nothing at all. Skateboarders understand gravity and radial acceleration perhaps better than anyone alive. Skateboarders develop balance and awareness. Skateboarding fosters skills of focus, perseverance, independence, patience, visualization, actualization, and commitment. It also worth noting that skating well can improve the ability to shine—that is, to perform unexpected and unprecedented maneuvers, cast in a certain light of style, for others to behold. Skateboarders learn to evolve, and learn to communicate those insights so that others are inspired to evolve as well.

Plenty of people read and chat about Zen and the Tao (and every other religious/spiritual/scientific philosophy), but how many people live them in motion? How many people put it on the line? Take the opportunity and do this. Go skating, and see if you can engage in an experience without any preconceived ideas. Let go of judgments and attachments. Anticipate nothing. Don’t think about yourself and who you are and how you skate. Be a completely open-minded beginner, drinking in the flow of time. Don’t assign names or values to anything. Don’t trip. Surprise yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to do a switch-hardflip down a 12-stair; it doesn’t have to be a trick, it just has to be fresh.