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What’s up with Meshell?

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I know you’re wondering…

On her FreeMyHeart.com website Meshell Ndegeocello asks: Are you free?

I hope she’s free because seems her output is down lately. Her site lists “upcoming” work as The World Has Made Me the Man of my Dreams which came out in 2007! her alternate site has same title highlighted “New Album 09.25.07”

Her MySpace site was last updated 12.25.08 and describes herself as “Japanese Classic Music / Christian Rap / Regional Mexican” HUH? She does lists European and Japanese tour dates for 2009…

While her duet with Cougar Mellencamp on Van Morrison‘s Wild Night is her biggest commercial success, I gotta say that her debut on Madonna‘s Maverick label Plantation Lullabies is her finest hour. Check this video of Diggin You (Like an Old Soul Record):

Totally BADASSED! Now Killin it on bass!

From the same album comes this awesome video for If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night)

Changing her name almost as often as she has changed styles and record labels, let’s move on… Peace Beyond Passion showed she was not static. Bitter was the sound of a tortured person. Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape brought street/hip hop flavor. Comfort Woman is so sweet it makes me cry. Jazz was the flavor for her last few efforts, but there are a forays into metal doing “Hammer and Nails” with Mule in the documentary “Rising Low” and an amazing contribution to Basement Jaxx on Kish Kash‘s “Right Here’s the Spot

As a side note, Meshell performed in Madison at Jazzfest in 2006 1995 and she drove the snob jazzzbos out in droves. I heard the show was stunning, but too adventurous for Jazz heads maybe. Hmmmm.

If you get a chance check her early bass role in D.C.’s Go-Go documentary “Good To Go” playing with the amazing Rare Essence.