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4 the Headz

Posted: January 29th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Music | Tags: | Comments Off on 4 the Headz

Just finished reading Check the Technique – Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies by Brian Coleman
“An updated and hugely expanded edition of the underground classic Rakim Told Me
The stories behind 36 immortal rap albums, straight from the original artists”

A really fun read. Love the RunDMC, DeLa and PE sections.

The Beastie Boys describing the Check Your Head (three years in the making) creation process:

‘At first we would just plug our mics into a guitar fuzzbox, and Mario hated that.’

Mario Caldato (producer) who was initially opposed to using “bullshit” mics, eventually embraced them. ‘To be honest, we never really used a good microphone on that record.’

On Say What’cha Want:

Mario Coldato Jr.: That was the last song. The one that sealed the deal and let us know the album was ready. The original of that song is underneath, and the Beasties just played over the top of it. [WHAT IS IT? DO TELL!] That song was recorded on some really shitty [RadioShack Kareoke mics].

Money Mark: I still remember the day we finished that song. The guys flipped out once it was done. They knew they had something amazing… that keyboard part I did on there was pretty quick…. I turned on my shit and belted it out in about thirty seconds.


Photo by B+