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43º 4′ 1″ N 89º 24′ 50″ W

A failed photo business tossed a heap of odd images. 35 mm slide scan, no credits or references.

The set from the Dick Van Dyke show? We looked at a house last summer that reminded us so much of New Rochelle. Thinking back, I wonder if that was the first self-reflective TV Show (a show about a show).

Quite the scene! Lots of nice fake plants, Bazaar, Esquire and Life magazines, cigarette box and ashtray front and center on the coffee table.


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43º 4′ 26″ N 89º 24’42” W

Tripped over this while dodging a dumpster near work on my bike.

From the back of the print:
UW Library School
Ag Journalism
UW-Madison Photographic Laboratory

What do you suppose these three are demonstrating?…

“Look Wah. That there is Formosa, now known as Taiwan.”

Love the cardigan Peggy Olson!


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43º 5′ 7″ N 89º 21′ 32″ W

Do a lot of walking. While I often stumble through days, I walk with conviction, acutely aware of sights, sounds, smells, ice patches…

Found this on a dog walk by the school that is our morning routine



Urban Dictionary offers this

Peanut Butter and Jelly Time:
It is something you say to another person when they are feeling a bit down. You try to cheer them up by saying this and you do a little dance.

Some other raunchy options as well, but we’ll go with the above def.