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Give the Drummer Some

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Love this from  ?uesto of the Legendary Roots crew:

Drumming … is an overdone art. Cats overdo it. I respect cats who draw the least amount of attention to themselves. Keep it simple, stupid. You are the metronome cop. Not the center of attention.

But check this, the master understated drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, kills it with ?uesto, Chuck D and the rest of the Roots last night.

More on Clyde and Copyright Criminals.

…what you’re getting is simply a great drummer doing his thing.


The Big Payback

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Artists get sick? You are f•cked! Try The Arists Health Insurance Resource Center.


Clyde needs a kidney!

A legendary drummer who helped fuel James Brown’s band during its heyday, Stubblefield faces a daunting illness with failing kidneys. Since mid-June, after a five-day stay at UW Hospital, he has had four-hour dialysis treatments three times per week.

All this leads to a kidney transplant, which can happen no sooner than early 2010 after extensive tests to determine his readiness because Stubblefield, 66, is a bladder cancer survivor.

“I don’t ask, ‘Why me?’ Something bad happened, and I have to contend with it,” said Stubblefield, sitting in his East Side home. “I go along with the doctors and see what we can do. I don’t want to spoil my happiness. I want to be happy.”
So he keeps playing drums.

This from Tom Alessia and the Rock and Rap Confidential.

Stubblefield can be contacted at clydestubblefield@mac.com