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The Big Payback

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Artists get sick? You are f•cked! Try The Arists Health Insurance Resource Center.


Clyde needs a kidney!

A legendary drummer who helped fuel James Brown’s band during its heyday, Stubblefield faces a daunting illness with failing kidneys. Since mid-June, after a five-day stay at UW Hospital, he has had four-hour dialysis treatments three times per week.

All this leads to a kidney transplant, which can happen no sooner than early 2010 after extensive tests to determine his readiness because Stubblefield, 66, is a bladder cancer survivor.

“I don’t ask, ‘Why me?’ Something bad happened, and I have to contend with it,” said Stubblefield, sitting in his East Side home. “I go along with the doctors and see what we can do. I don’t want to spoil my happiness. I want to be happy.”
So he keeps playing drums.

This from Tom Alessia and the Rock and Rap Confidential.

Stubblefield can be contacted at clydestubblefield@mac.com

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