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Can I Be Blunt?

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Blunt cards are lol-ishious!

… enough already!

The time has come

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We’re quiting facebook commit to quit May 31st, 2010

Read more, and more


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Animated Album Cover Tumblr blog

I blame Jaime Martínez (whoa! his photos are excellent!) and MIA and NEET!


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Beck’s Record Club: Velvet’s Run, Run, Run

Record Club is an informal meeting of various musicians to record an album in a day.

Breakin’ The Law: 7 Deadly Styles
This weekend, Monona Terrace!

My shots from 2008

KA-BOOM!BOX DJ Explosion Saturday night!
Buy Test Pressing, help Chuck Dukowski
Zero bids! Wha?

Want vs. Need

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Erin Hanson (recoveringlazyholic)

Really like this one!

Want vs. Need (lateral scrolling – YES!)

When I was 8 I wanted a puppy
When I was 10 I wanted parachute pants

My response

Bing! Bang! Boom!

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Wrecka Stow Day tomorrow! Too many exclusive releases to list! I am excited- Mad City, I will be in my sleeping bag at your doorstep tomorrow am. Hope your coffee is hot. Fela 10″ Live from LA 1969 Fuk YEAH!


Who’s got this excellent mix digitized? Must has! AcidikDubElektroHopJazz

LizD, Luv the hell outta that girl! Mad Tea Party indeed!


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We cannot take one lens without the other, and such pairs of spectacles filter our experience of the world.

Daily Dharma

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Switching Off Automatic Responses

The crucial factor influencing how well we can respond in any given situation seems to be the level of mindfulness we can bring to bear upon the moment. If we don’t care to be present, unconscious decision-making systems will function to get us through to the next moment, albeit in the grips of (often flawed) learned behaviors and conditioned responses. If, on the other hand, we can increase the amount of conscious awareness present by manifesting mindfulness, we expand the range of our possible responses. Even if disposed to anger, we can choose to act with kindness. This is the essence of our freedom in an otherwise heavily conditioned system.

Andrew Olendzki, “Karma in Action,” Tricycle Winter 2008 (Full text)


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Fuk Yeah! From Andre Firmiano, Sao Paolo

Color Devolution

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Free DVO song download here if you’re craving.

More entertaining than new toones may be the DEVO Color study


The dog’s puke this am was kinda green, but that could have just been the light at 3:45, or my bad mood.

Take the quiz. Go Ahead! I’m red by DEVO’s standards, but consider myself more of a blue