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The Kane is gone.

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Long live the Kane

Nothing Compares AWWOOOOooooo

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Can’t ignore the beauty of this work.

MUTE: The Silence of Dogs in Cars

by Martin Usborne

Love the commentary on his blog about the above Husky shoot!

Within five minutes the car was steamed up, the windows were layered with saliva that was encrusted with hair (how the hair on the window??) and the car was visibily moving up and down with the dogs running in circles inside andbeping hte horn when their backsides bumped the steering wheel. I had the camera on tripod figuring that if needed to I could comp together two near-identical shots but because the car moved up and down so much it made this difficult.

This is rich!

I was told it was possible to get them to howl.

Howl ?

Great! how?

Well, apparently they  howled when they listened to Sinead O’Connor’s great masterpiece:Nothing compares 2U.

How about something else?

Me howling?


Elton John?


Only sinead.

There I was, five minutes later, in a council estate car park with 5 huskies in a blue ford 1989 car with Sinead O’Connor blasting out of my speakers at near fuil volume, the camera release cable in one hand a slice of tesco’s ham in the other. It was 10pm and the neighbours peered round their net curtains. And did the huskies howl?

Did they hell.

So I started howling . I always do this to get a reaction from the dogs I photograph. It didn’t make the scene any less surreal. But still no howling from the huskies.

So we turned the volume up more. NOTHING COMPARES 2 BLOODY U….

Oh bugger, this is ridiculous. No good.

HA! My dogs love Prince’s songs too!

Griffin, that you?

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and I’m out!

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With a nice Griffin moment


Follow Your Bliss

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More Red and Black

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Must get more sleep. This heat is killing me!

I lust for this BAD!
Sold out! Cue Disney bad luck sound effect. The original photo this is based on was stuck on my high school locker. Tony “Mad Dog” Alva was/is such a bad ass!

Speaking of “selling out” and Shepard Fairy, the Progressive Magazine has a nice piece here. Fairy says:

Preaching to the converted within my own circle is something that I’m not interested in,” he says. “The idea of selling out is compromising your art form to reach more people. Art should be inclusive. That’s where I’m coming from.

and, I really like this:

To me the idea of street art, screen printing, and stencil-making—the methods I use—is all about showing you can connect with people through very basic methods,” he says. “You don’t have to paint like Michelangelo to connect with people. It’s more about your spirit and your tenacity than your technical ability.

Which naturally leads me to this. David Apatoff writes:

True artists, we are told, never compromise their artistic integrity for mere money. Personally, I’ve never been very impressed by such claims. For one thing, charges of “selling out” are rarely leveled by people who have made meaningful contributions to the arts. Instead, it more often comes from gawkers and spectators with little understanding of survival in the market.

Nice! Potshots lead nicely to being an Old Dog. Toby Young at No Sacred Cows writes in this Grumpy Old Man article:

What happens to middle-aged men to make them so irritable? It is almost as if there’s a hormone, a bit like testosterone, that is released into the bloodstream once we reach a certain age.

One theory is that this grumpiness is triggered by the awareness that the dreams we set our hearts on as young men are never going to be realised. According to a recent survey involving over two million people in 72 countries, all human beings suffer from depression in middle age because that’s when we wake up and smell the coffee. “We cannot all be captain of the national football team or a rock star,” says Professor Andrew Oswald, one of the architects of the survey. “The 30s and 40s are therefore painful times when reality sets in.”

Hmmm… the death of dreams…  I went from angry young man to angry old man?

But old dogs are better right? Gene Weingarten writes in his book Old Dogs:

Old dogs can be cloudy-eyed and grouchy, gray of muzzle, graceless of gait, odd of habit, hard of hearing, pimply, wheezy, lazy, and lumpy. But to anyone who has ever known an old dog, these flaws are of little consequence. Old dogs are vulnerable. They show exorbitant gratitude and limitless trust. They are without artifice. They are funny in new and unexpected ways. But, above all, they seem at peace.

Kafka wrote that the meaning of life is that it ends. He meant that our lives are shaped and shaded by the existential terror of knowing that all is finite. This anxiety informs poetry, literature, the monuments we build, the wars we wage—all of it. Kafka was talking, of course, about people.

Interesting! I get old, my dreams are buried and I face mortality. So, I become grumpy. I must learn: the most basic form of social ineptitude is to say what’s on your mind, even though you have no reason to believe your listeners are interested.

Guide to being an asshole 1 & 2 (brings us nicely back to old dogs)

If you are going to be a dog, be a rottweiler.

I LOVE Rotties!!