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Watch Out The GooglePlex

Posted: April 14th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Music, Sites, Skateboarding | Tags: , , | Comments Off on Watch Out The GooglePlex

This new visual search engine is amazing!

Lite (not nearly as cool) and iPhone (very cool!) versions too!

Playing with this search, I stumble across the Tar Babies  “The Ocean” mp3 from Master Tape Volume II. Who knew? Use it as your ringtone, or not. How bout that echo loop both starting and finishing the track? Watch out Tubby!

Interesting commentary from Dave Marsh of the Rock&Rap Confidential on bloggers and sharing music that is no longer in print. I LOVE that I can find “The Ocean” online because no one’s gonna find that vinyl anywhere! Digital crate digging. ?Love is on it! With Search Me, I literally flip through the stacks of audio files. Sooper Nice!

Byron Coley from Trouser Press on Bucky Pope:

Bucky Pope’s guitar displayed a unique, lunging hard-psych quality that separated the Tar Babies from their brethren.

Beginning with No Contest, they began adding horns and a techno-bup filigree that isn’t supremely appealing and tends to swamp Pope’s guitar (still the Tar Babies’ central shaft). Live shows provided evidence that the band was still capable of mind-blowing groove-excess, but their discs are less successful than the funkadelic shit they seem to be trying to emulate. Which isn’t to say that a George Clinton/Bucky Pope/Bootsy Collins/Sonny Sharrock/Sonny Murray collaboration shouldn’t be scheduled promptly.

“techno-bup filigree”?!? I <heart> Byron! Now about that collaboration?

Sing it with me: “What’s up with Bucky Pope?”

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