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A face-off dot in the high slot — ?!

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Nice blip in the NYT on Brendan Shanahan and this weekend’s upcoming NHL All-Star Game.

“It all goes back to the schoolyard,” said Shanahan

“It’s in the players’ hands now. I’m just sort of sitting back and enjoying watching them get prepared for it.”

Love this:

Eric Staal on the Sedin twins: “It would probably be weird for them and weird for everybody else to have them on different teams.”

Down Goes Brown has this fabulous tip sheet for the All-Star schoolyard style draft:

Be aware that if they wind up on different teams, the mischievous Sedin twins might try to switch places during the game as a light-hearted practical joke. Avoid this possibility by drafting one, then immediately pinning him to the ground and scrawling “Henrik” on his forehead with a prison-style homemade tattoo gun. (Note: Bonus points if you do this after drafting Daniel.)


Patrick Kane as alternate captain on Team Lidstrom? Hilarious! Says Kaner “Okay team, jello-shots between shots. Go!”
Photo: Nam Y. Huh – AP

I do like the Honda SuperSkills events. My money’s on “Paul Bunyan” Chara for hardest shot. Think that’s a safe bet?

Finally, Washington defenseman Mike Green on being picked last: “That’s my worst fear,” CLASSIC!

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