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In Waves! ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

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Photo by Trent Mitchell

Photo by Trent Mitchell

Got damn! 96 Russian porn spams today! A tidal wave of smutty pixels!

Dreamt the other night that I was surfing with my D300… no I didn’t have a waterproof housing! I am just that good. Except, no I’m not, and the camera got doused with sea water. Spent the rest of the rem cycle tossing and turning as I tried to dry out my camera. Rice is the secret ingredient.

I gotz no cool surfing photos to share then… Loves me some Lucia tho

And while were on the subject of surfing, this graphic artist type is the shit!

Tom Veiga is profiled HERE. “God was very inspired when created and designed the sea waves”

BOOM! Returning to our frigid nordic clime:

The previously mentioned print HERE sold out at Art Pedaler. Been a few requests for additional prints. Hit me back if you wants. $10

And finally, I posted my New York City&Brooklyn pix

Keith Haring, still alive and well in NYC!

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