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Bluesman in the life of the mind

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WTF?! Cornell West and Prince? Nice!

Dear Mr. Man

Music by Singersroom.com | More on Cornell West

We tired of y’all, We tired of y’all spyin’ on fellow citizensWe tired of y’all lyin’ to justify war. We tired of y’all torturing innocent people.

Cornell on Democracy Now! yesterday (thanks Phoebe!)

A blues person is always one who keeps his funky and resists all forms of sterilization, sanitation and deodorizing of funky reality. And by sanitation, I don’t mean I’m against keeping things clean, but I don’t like those discourses that are so clean that they don’t allow the funk, like the squeegee men in New York, like the marginalized, like our gay brothers and lesbian sisters who are often dishonored and dehumanized even by some on the left, or forgetting of indigenous people.

A nice (2007) interview in The Voice

“It’s a matter of trying to present to young people a danceable education,” he says. “Or what I call a ‘singing paideia.’ [Paideia means “a deep education” in Greek.] You have to get people’s attention and focus on serious issues. Then you try to cultivate their self and put a premium on critical reflection, and then you try and engage in the maturation of the soul, which has to do with courage, compassion, and just love, basically.”

The man is awesome!

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