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VegOut Day!

Posted: October 1st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Politics, Sites | Comments Off on VegOut Day!

I’m no PETArd, but wanted to share… go ahead! VegOut!

World Vegetarian Day

Really like this pieceAggressive Posturing Does Not Produce Vegetarians by Mike Jaynes

No one wants to be seen as the “freak” who won’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving or hamburgers at a cookout and therefore requires some special substitute cooked on a portion of the grill the meat did not sizzle upon. This embarrassment and fear is most likely normal and should not be attacked. Also — and this is another oft unrealized fact in the AR(Animal Rights) world — a person’s view toward animals is not the only facet of his/her humanity. There are plenty of meat eaters who are much more kind and good and helpful to the world than many vegetarian ARAs(Animal Rights Advocate) and we should not reduce the whole of humanity’s existence, self identification, and essence down to eating habits.

Pineapple. On the grill. Try it – its AMAZING!

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