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Two neurons

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Ish Yeah! Cassette Culture from Stones Throw:

all-cassette, post punk mix

Look out double quotes y’all!

unlikely claim made by Wall Street Journal today that “In fact, among adults, cassette tapes remain more popular than many online music services, or even vinyl records, despite the latter medium’s purported comeback in recent years.” – WSJ, 8/14/12

Real hero

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While war criminals and private war contractors continue to earn paychecks, get medals and murder innocents, PFC. Bradley Manning remains in what Amnesty International and the United Nations have called “cruel and inhumane” treatment in Quantico Marine Corp brig.

Today is International Bradley Manning Support Day. Take action!

Bradley Manning faces his 666th day of incarceration tomorrow. How much longer will this evil continue?

Free Bradley Manning


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future shock

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This really messes me up!
from RollingStone.com


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Efffin irresistible!

USBTypewriter “a new and groundbreaking innovation in the field of obsolescence.”
Make your own! Creative Commons design documents are included.

And the Google does this. OCR on the cloud? Nice!